Our Process

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Application Review

Our team of experienced Application Specialists dive deep into the specifics of your process and functional requirements.

“Every installation starts with you, the customer, and your application. Our team of experienced Application Specialists dive deep into the specifics of your process and functional requirements.”

- Bill Gorsline , CEO of UniTrak

Solution Development

In this phase, our Application Specialists and Product Engineers collaborate to develop and propose an equipment solution that fully meets your application requirements.

“We never offer cookie-cutter equipment. Every equipment solution we develop and propose is tailored to each customer’s needs and requirements.”

- Marie Lytle , Marketing Team Leader

Solution Design

Utilizing advanced design technologies, UniTrak Product Engineers transform the proposed solution into a final design. All design work is controlled by an ISO 9001-compliant Design and Development Plan. UniTrak’s equipment solutions are designed to provide industry-leading functionality and seamless integration with your operations.

“In designing each customer’s equipment solution, we aim to balance equipment functionality and control with seamless integration to upstream and downstream equipment.”

- James Bransfield , Engineering Team Leader

Solution Realization

Our ISO 9001-certified factory is committed to providing quality products that fully satisfy your requirements. Utilizing state-of-the art fabrication equipment and lean manufacturing techniques, we provide reliable products on-time.

“Every unit we produce in our ISO 9001-certified facility fully conforms to customer requirements and specifications. Our production system uses Lean Manufacturing principles to achieve the highest quality together with industry-leading lead times.”

- Ivan Patton , Production Team Leader


Our modular equipment designs emphasize installation simplicity. In addition, our experienced field service personnel are available to supervise installation and commissioning at your site if desired.

“Our customerization process is designed to ensure trouble-free installations, first time, every time. If required, we can help supervise the installation of our equipment onto your shop floor.”

- John McDonald , Service Team Leader

After-Sales Support

At UniTrak we understand the importance of trouble-free operations. That’s why we provide responsive customer care and support to any location.

“We build more than conveying equipment; we also build customer partnerships. No matter whether you have a technical question, or need support, our customer service team is ready to help.”

- Ted Gorsline , Production Manager

Total Tailored Reliability

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