Both the product, antacid tablets, and the facility has their own unique challenges. Since the product was somewhat friable, they needed to ensure product integrity. The current belt conveyor was causing product loss & damage and with no cover was dusting, causing an operator hazard. The conveyor cleanability was also a necessity so the unit needed to be portable in order to clean elsewhere…( Read More)



With all of these product and application constraints, we needed to have a thorough application review to ensure that the recommendations that we were proposing could address all of their requirements.

The review resulted in recommending our Open Tubular TT500 TipTrak™. Since the required capacity was 2000lbs/hr, one of our smaller more compact units could easily move that amount of product.

Some of the features of these TipTraks included: easy let down discharge chutes, clean out drawers, custom dust collection units and portability of units and ready to plug in and operate control panels with VFD. …( Read More)



As an extension of our after sales support, our Sales Representative for the St. Louis area, made themselves available onsite for installation. This extra follow-through post sales, was to ensure that this custom unit did in fact meet all of their needs.

The customer issued a second PO two months later for an additional 6 more units to satisfy his production line. ( Read More )