The customer approached UniTrak to help solve a particular conveying challenge within their manufacturing facility: moving sticky product. In this particular application, the product to be conveyed was granola base, soy granola clusters, toasted coconut, bulk crisp topping, toasted oats and crisp rice.

Effectively conveying sticky product is a challenge for food producers as the product often adheres to the conveying equipment surfaces. This results in lower throughput yields and build-up of product, necessitating downtime to clean the equipment and improve material transfer…(Read More)



To address the customer’s conveying challenge, UniTrak first conducted a detailed application review of the customer’s production process and materials. This review resulted in UniTrak proposing and supplying an open frame C-configuration S-5 TipTrakTM bucket conveyor with stainless steel construction. Since the unit would be servicing a food-grade application, the conveyor design was modified to eliminate all potential material entrapment sites, and the unit was designed for fast, effective wash down… ( Read More)



The S-5 TipTrakTM supplied to the customer proved to be an effective solution to the company’s conveying challenge. Once installed, the S-5 TipTrakTM was able to convey the product without any material sticking or adhering to the buckets, confirming the results of the product test. ( Read More)