Ostara voiced three key challenges for their application. Firstly, they had a restricted area within the municipality’s facility for their process, and needed any conveyor they chose to work within a small and compact footprint. Secondly, since the product they convey is of high value, product integrity and spillage of the product out of the system was a great concern. Read the featured story below for more details on the TipTrakTM bucket elevator in the Ostara process.



Working with Ostara, UniTrak determined that a
TT500 PEC TipTrakTM bucket conveyor would be the best solution to convey the struvite prills to the screener that feeds product into the silos. The TT500 would have to operate at a very low speed of 8 feet per minute, and typically convey about 1,100 pounds per hour.

The TipTrakTM conveyor’s interlocking bucket design,where each bucket is connected to its neighbour via a rubber joint strip, ensures gentle product handling and minimizes spillage from infeed to discharge. The small footprint of the TipTrakTM met Ostara’s process needs: with a minimum lower horizontal length of less than five feet, the TT500 was easy to integrate into confined spaces within facility layouts. See more details on the installation in the downloadable feature story below.



With more than ten municipalities in North America
adopting the Ostara system, and several more
installations on the horizon, UniTrak has demonstrated
that its TipTrak™ line of equipment is an excellent
choice for applications where gentle-handling conveyors
for wastewater phosphorus recovery are required.


“UniTrak’s ability to provide a customized, easy to install and maintain solution has made the material handling aspect of the process much simpler and Ostara have now standardized on this equipment at all of its sites in North America and Europe.”

– Ahren Britton Ostara Chief Technology Officer