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Experience safe, controlled, dust-free operations while emptying bulk bags.

Bagstander Overview

Bulk bag handling doesn't have to be a dirty, dusty and unsafe job! Bagstander bulk bag dischargers enable the complete dust-free emptying of large bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). Our Bagstanders ensure zero leakage and zero dust escape during any unloading operation. And a factory-installed vibrator ensures complete, waste-free emptying.

Key Features

  • Performance engineered

    Bagstander bulk bag dischargers are custom engineered to safely empty bulk bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers.

  • Heavy duty construction

    With a frame built of heavy-gauge 3” or 4” square tubing, and with leg foot-plates lagged to the floor, our Bagstanders are strong, rock-solid and immovable.

  • Quick, easy and safe operation

    The unique hooked-loop retainers on the detachable lifting frame make it impossible for the loops to slip or slide. The lifting frame assures positive, accurate, safe positioning every time. When the bag is in place, it is caged within the Bagstander’s frame and safely secured at the top, fully supported by the hopper.

  • Full design flexibility

    Describe your application and we’ll design a our Bagstander to accommodate your process line’s requirements—including standard screw conveyors or feeders, aeromechanical and flexible screw conveyors, bucket elevators, etc.

Design Choices

Depending upon your material handling preference, Bagstander Bulk Bag Unloaders are available in two models.

  • Tower Type with hoist
  • Fork Truck Loading

Why Bagstander?

Why Bagstander is the right choice for your... Project

  • Project
  • People and Process
  • Business

For over 45 years, we`ve supplied innovative bulk material handling solutions that are known for performance, reliability, and quality components. With our customerization process, you can be confident of a successful integration with your existing equipment and operations. Our application specialists and engineers support your project every step of the way to ensure that every bulk bag discharger that we supply works as promised.

Bagstander bulk bag dischargers set the standard for quality and performance. The bulk bag discharger’s frame is built of heavy-gauge stainless steel or carbon steel which is finished with a durable Steel-It paint. The frame is formed in upper and lower sections. The base section holds the hopper, vibrator, dust collection pick-up and discharge chute, and the upper frame adjusters (fork lift model) accommodate various bag sizes quickly and easily, with no tools needed.

At UniTrak we believe that operator safety is “No. 1”. Our bulk bag discharger design offers a safe and productive way for operators to unload and empty your bulk bags. In addition to realizing lower labour costs and less product wastage, it is possible to achieve lower product costs due to being able to buy in bulk. Choosing the Bagstander bulk bag discharger allows you to ensure that your operations can be executed safely, productively, and profitably.


Bagstander Bulk Bag Discharger

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