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Experience the speed, reliability and unsurpassed flexibility of a Powderflight aeromechanical conveyor.

Powderflight Overview

For over 40 years, Powderflight conveyors have combined speed, reliability, flexibility and productivity to support your manufacturing processes. These advantages enable operational efficiency, and make Powderflight well suited to address the challenges associated with conveying materials such as powders, granules, pellets or flakes.

Key Features

Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors operate on a simple principle. Within a steel tube, a wire rope with evenly spaced discs travels at high speed, running in sprockets at each end of the conveyor. As material is fed in, the air stream aerates or fluidizes it and carries it to the outlet, where it is discharged by centrifugal force.

  • Effective material transfer

    • High throughput rate
    • Gently handles fragile materials
    • No separation of blended products
    • Dust-tight conveying
    • Self-emptying supports dedicated batches
  • Maximizes space utilization

    • Small footprint
    • Minimal headroom required
    • Mobile/portable base options
  • Environmentally friendly

    • Energy efficient
    • Low power requirement
    • Low noise level in operation
  • Versatility

    • Handles powders, granules, pellets, flakes
    • Can operate at any angle
    • Variety of infeed options available

Design Choices

Powderflight conveyors are available in a variety of sizes/capacities, configurations, and discharge options to suit most applications. We can further tailor your unit with rope and disk assemblies designed to handle many types of materials.

  • 3 sizes/capacities: M-75, M-100, M-125 available. Conveys up to 24 cubic feet per minute*
  • Single and multi-direction configurations convey at any angle
  • Wide variety of rope and disk assemblies available to service specific applications
  • Carbon or Stainless steel
*Product Characteristics can affect output, up or down. We recommend the testing of all materials to ensure accuracy.


Why Powderflight?

Why Powderflight is the right choice for your... Project

  • Project
  • People and Process
  • Business

Powderflight conveyors are the ideal choice for any project involving transfer of powders, granules, pellets or flakes. We can meet your project budget and timelines, and understand the importance of tailoring our equipment to suit your unique application. Powderflight conveyors give your project the flexibility it needs – providing a virtually limitless range of configurations and system layouts, with easy integration into your operations, using standard components. Our application and engineering specialists are ready to support you and your project from initial contact to installation.

Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors provide dust-tight conveying and complete batch transfer. Blended products will not separate when conveyed and there is minimal attrition of fragile particles. No filtration is required at discharge, and the self-emptying feature allows for the conveying of dedicated batches. An inspection hatch allows easy access for inspection and maintenance. Each Powderflight unit is simple to operate, and maintain. Minimal staff training requirements give process optimization from day one!

Powderflight conveyors keep your production on schedule with highly efficient, reliable throughput. Cost-per-tonne handled is among the lowest achievable in the industry! Facility owners and managers can count on Powderflight conveyors to reduce operating costs by providing fast, dependable high output and clean handling.


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Powderflight 3D Animation

Powderflight 3D animation

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Case Studies

Take an exclusive look into specific conveying challenges we have helped solve over the past 45 years. Put your mind at ease that we can solve your application challenge.

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