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TipTrak™ bucket conveyors provide the gentlest handling, least spillage, lowest maintenance, and quietest operation of any bucket conveyor system.

TipTrak Overview

TipTrak™ bucket conveyors are designed to service a wide variety of bulk material conveying applications. With over 45 years of proven performance in facilities the world over, TipTrak™ conveyors provide unmatched reliability in even the most demanding applications. TipTrak™ bucket conveyors are available in a wide range of constructions, sizes, and configurations, and every unit can be precisely customized for your application.

Key Features

The unique design of TipTrak™ conveyors means the gentlest handling, the least spillage, the lowest possible maintenance, and the quietest operation of any mechanical elevating device.

  • No Transfer Points

    Your product moves from one process to another without spillage, degradation, dusting or segregation of blended products.

  • No Spillage

    The interlocking buckets ensure that there is no spillage. The only place your product leaves the buckets is at the discharge point.

  • No Moving Parts

    Unlike roller chains, there are no moving parts in the TipTrak™ rubber BeltChain to stretch or wear out. After the initial setup, the chain never needs tensioning or adjusting.

  • Non-Metallic Bucket Assembly

    TipTrak™ is ideal for situations requiring sanitary or corrosion-resistant materials of construction because of food-grade plastic bucket and rubber “beltchain.”  These features result in a very quiet operation – less than 60 dB

Design Choices

The unique design of TipTrak™ conveyors means the gentlest handling, the least spillage, the lowest possible maintenance, and the quietest operation of any mechanical elevating device.

  • Option packages available for specific applications
  • Application specific Beltchain and Buckets available
  • 5 different sizes (TT-250, TT-500, S-2, S-5, and S-5 Twin)
  • 3 different constructions (Open, PEC, and Monocoque)

TipTrak Model Details

  • Pec - Enclosed
  • Tubular - Open
  1. Fast Delivery
  2. Strategically located view ports
  3. Easy to install
  4. Easy access for quick maintenance
  5. Many options for customization
  1. At-a-glance monitoring
  2. Ease of cleaning
  3. Ease of access for quick maintenance
  4. Ideal for washdown applications
  5. Choice of personnel guarding available
  1. Smooth, clean interior
  2. Dust and gas tight for toxic/explosive applications
  3. Suitable for outdoor installations
  4. Key-latched quick access doors
  5. Can be operated with a purge gas and with positive or negative pressure
  6. Gasketing between sections and around all access doors


Selecting a bucket elevator design - configurations

Why TipTrak?

Why TipTrak is the right choice for your... Project

  • Project
  • People and Process
  • Business

We know the challenges and risks associated with production line engineering and equipment selection. Every TipTrak™ conveyor we build is designed to be fully suitable for your application, addressing your material handling and process requirements, as well as your operating environment. We design each TipTrak™ unit to seamlessly integrate with other process equipment, ensuring reliable throughput right from start-up. In every project, we are fully committed to supporting your engineering plan and schedule, ensuring on-time delivery for installation on your shop floor.

TipTrak™ bucket conveyors are designed to operate with maximum availability and minimal downtime. The TipTrak™ rubber BeltChain requires no adjustment or regulation, and our interlocking buckets eliminate product spillage and the need for cleanup. Each unit is simple to install and operate, and every TipTrak™ conveyor is designed to comply with applicable health and safety directives and regulations.

Running profitable operations that reliably supply customers with quality product is no easy task! TipTrak™ conveyors can help business unit and facility managers achieve their goals by enabling productive operations. Managers can count on TipTrak™ conveyors to reduce operating costs by assuring product integrity and quality, while providing trouble-free operation. Through continuous product evolution and innovation, we provide our customers with the lowest total cost of ownership, as well as the longest service life available. TipTrak™ conveyors and accessories are engineered to optimize your ROI. Our integrated designs mean every part works together seamlessly, keeping your systems up and running more efficiently than ever.


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TipTrak PEC design


PEC Design

Avoiding Spillage TipTrak in Ostara layout


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Pet Food Snacks



Case Studies

Take an exclusive look into specific conveying challenges we have helped solve over the past 45 years. Put your mind at ease that we can solve your application challenge.

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