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Discover how a UniFlex flexible screw conveyor can move your product in less time, less space, and with less cost.

UniFlex Overview

Providing durability and reliability to a wide range of applications, the UniFlex flexible auger is a simple yet rugged conveyor with only one moving part. This versatile equipment is capable of transporting a wide range of free-flowing powders, granules, or small pellets, safely and reliably anywhere in your plant. UniFlex conveyors easily integrate with a vast array of upstream and downstream equipment types.

Key Features

UniFlex flexible screw conveyors are an excellent choice for the intermittent conveying of free-flowing bulk materials. UniFlex conveyors possess the following features:

  • Small & Flexible

    With a small footprint and small diameter flexible tube, UniFlex conveyors can fit into tight areas, and bypass existing equipment or other obstacles.

  • Trouble-Free

    The UniFlex rotating helical screw automatically self-centers within the tube, creating clearance between the screw and casing to allow particles to flow freely. This ensures consistent, trouble-free movement of product.

  • One Moving Part

    The stainless steel screw in the UniFlex conveyor offers high reliability and maintenance-free service.

  • Customizable

    Each unit comes with a standard receiving hopper or flanged inlet. Custom hoppers are also available to support specialized applications.

Design Choices

Select the UniFlex conveyor that is right for your application. Choose from available models and sizes as described below. Further customerization of your unit is available upon request.

  • 2 sizes with capacities up to 10.8 cubic feet per minute*
  • 2 models - standard and easy clean
  • Infeed hoppers available in 3 standard sizes (8, 4 and 2.5 cf) in carbon or stainless steel
  • Customizable options available
*Product Characteristics can affect output, up or down. We recommend the testing of all materials to ensure accuracy.

UniFlex Model Details

  • Uniflex
  • Easy Clean
UniTrak's Flexible Screw conveyor
  1. Safety bar grate
  2. Food-Grade UHMW or steel casing/conveyor tube
  3. Heavy-duty clamps
  4. Removable cleanout cap
  5. 304 Stainless Steel wire spiral
  1. Tilt feature for easy cleaning
  2. Conical hopper
  3. Quick-release clamps
  4. Rounded surfaces
  5. Washdown motor


Why UniFlex?

Why UniFlex is the right choice for your... Project

  • Project
  • People and Process
  • Business

Project engineers and managers value collaborating with UniTrak because we have over 45 years experience in ensuring successful project outcomes. Our customerization process allows us to precisely tailor our equipment to specific application requirements, while our in-house engineering and technical expertise ensures your project is supported at every stage. We pride ourselves in meeting even the most aggressive project timelines and ensuring that every UniFlex conveyor we supply works flawlessly from installation and start-up.

UniFlex conveyors are simple to install and operate. The lack of moving parts in a UniFlex conveyor means that maintenance requirements are minimal. Servicing, when required, is safely and easily accomplished with minimal tools, and cleaning can be carried out at floor level. Achieving long-term production reliability with unsurpassed versatility and support has never been simpler than with a UniFlex flexible auger conveyor.

If you are looking for conveying equipment that is efficient, has low life cycle costs, and is highly reliable, then UniFlex conveyors are the preferred choice. The design simplicity of UniFlex conveyors results in lower acquisition costs compared to more elaborate equipment, while the high reliability assures minimal downtime. UniFlex conveyors are extremely durable, offering a long-life combined with minimal spare parts consumption. The proven reliability and durability of UniFlex conveyors have helped facilities the world over to realize high production schedule adherence and equipment ROI.



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